If you are looking for a great full size Drum Carder, look no further. You may pay more, but you won't get a better drum carder! You have found the "Fancy Kitty Kitten drum carder." This is not just an inexpensive carder, we challenge you to find a better carder at any price.

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We at Anderson Originals are proud to offer the "Fancy Kitty" brand fiber drum carders. We have been avid spinners, knitters, and crocheters for many years, and all our products are hand crafted in our family workshops in the good old USA.

Our Kitten drum carders feature fully adjustable drums mounted on steel axles with sealed steel ball bearings on both the swift and licker-in for silky smooth lubrication-free operation. They have 3/8 aluminum handles for flex free turning strength. They are built using modern methods, quality parts, and hand crafted care. The drums come preadjusted for optimum performance; however, they can be easily readjusted for your varying requirements.

Kitten Drum Carder

The Kitten has a 4 to 1 drive ratio. It features a polybelt drive that does not slip, for smooth operation. It has 1/2" long carder wire giving you the ability to produce thick batts. It is 15" in length, 15" wide, and weighs approximately 10 pounds. Kitten drum carders are made from 100% North American Red Oak hardwoods. The slide out feed tray is made from one quarter inch hardwood veneer.

Kitten drum carders are sanded and coated with a tung oil finish. Tung oil helps protect the wood in your carder from splitting in very dry climates, and adds a beautiful depth of color to already lovely oak.

This drum carder is dressed with solid brass strips and all adjustment screws are stainless steel or zinc plated for a long and rust free life. Just like its big brother "The Fancy Kitty Big Tom Drum Carder", it has an 8.5" wide drum that will produce batts 22" long.

We are currently offering it with: 90 tpi cloth on the licker-in and 120 tpi cloth on the swift, 72 tpi cloth on the licker-in and 90 tpi cloth on the swift, or 90 tpi on licker-in and 190 tpi on the swift. If you would like a different combination, just give us a call at 660-379-2323 or contact us in the fashion you prefer.

Kitten Drum Carder

Rubber nonskid feet, one hold-down clamp (that is installed with a zinc plated steel screw, set in a brass insert), and a bit to fit the adjustment screws are included with the carder. With the exception of the screw-on handle, it will arrive fully assembled and ready to use at no extra charge.

Kitten Carder Tools

The Kitten comes with a thorough instruction manual and several handy tools for your convenience (pictured above).

We offer a one year warranty on cloth & belts (normal wear & tear) and life time limited warranty on all hard parts and workmanship, to the original buyer, as well as parts and repair to anyone.

All our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You may return any item within 14 days of receipt in the original box & packing for a full refund less shipping. You are purchasing from someone that been working and turning wood for 50 years, having sold pieces to universities, galleries, museums, and individuals in all fifty states and more than thirty countries around the world.

Auxiliary Swift Option

Auxiliary Swift

You no longer need to purchase two different drum carders for different fiber types, just purchase a secondary swift assembly with the cloth you require. Remove the four swift adjusting screws, lift the off the existing swift and replace it with the auxiliary swift, replace the four swift adjusting screws. Adjust the swift to the licker-in, and you are ready to card.

Auxiliary Swift...$199.95-229.95 (plus $19.95 shipping)

Choose Cloth Type

Motor Kit

Kitten Motorized Drum Carder

In keeping with our philosophy of low cost and high end features, the motor kit has the following features:

1. It uses an expensive gear drive motor that turns slowly allowing the use of small pulleys, but has a great amount of torque (turning power). It will maintain the speed at which you set it and not bog down. It also uses tooth belt pulleys that feature the same no slip quality of chain drive, but with no required maintenance and very quiet operation.

2. It has fully adjustable speed control, from 0 to 60 rounds (on the swift) per minute. (Because the motor drives the swift, it will have the same 4 to 1 ratio on the swift to licker-in. Just like turning it by hand.)

3. It is reversible. Great for removing batts or dizing a roving off the swift.

4. It will work with our brush attachment.

5. For our current customers, it will EASILY install on your existing Kitten carder with a screwdriver and adjustable wrench.

6. The entire assembly which consists of a frame, two pulleys, gear head motor, motor controller with speed control/on off switch/reverse switch, tooth belt, power supply, and power cord will be contained in an approximately 3.5" tall red oak frame that will fit under the existing Kitten drum carder and match perfectly.

Motorized Kitten Carder Tools

Kitten carders purchased with a motor kit also receive the helpful tools pictured above.

This gives our customers the ability to purchase a high quality, full sized, full featured, motorized drum carder for about the same price as our competitors standard manual drum carders!

Motor Kit - Free install when purchased with carder...$389.95 (plus $25.95 shipping, or only $10 shipping if purchased with carder)

Please Select -

Auxiliary Licker-In Option

Auxiliary Licker-In

As shown above, it consists of the Licker-in drum with the cloth of your choice - 54, 72, 90, or 190 points per square inch - the axle, sealed axle bearings, adjustment slides, and pulley. It will fit any Fancy Kitty Kitten drum carder.

Auxiliary Licker-In...$139.95 (plus $12.95 shipping)

Choose Cloth Type

Fiber Brush Attachment

Fiber Brush Attachment

Fiber Brush Attachment - Free install with purchase of carder...$49.95 (plus $8.95 shipping, free shipping if purchased with carder)

Please Select -

Tung Oil Finish

No Oil/Tung Oil Comparison

Our rich tung oil finish is now Included free of charge on every drum carder! This helps protect your carder in dry climates, and gives a lovely deep color to already beautiful oak.

Carder Covers

Carder Cover

Protect your carder when it's not in use! This Carder Cover is made with 10 oz. organic 100% cotton duck cloth in its natural color. It's lined with 100% cotton prairie cloth in tea dyed colors. The fabric is preshrunk so the fit will stay true through washing. Each carder cover is made to fit your specific variety of Fancy Kitty carder. They'll slide on easily and keep it snug to protect against scratches, dust, and other household hazards.

Our Kitten Carder Cover costs $39.95! Check back in a few days to purchase.

Purchase and Shipping

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Purchase a Kitten drum carder...$399.95-429.95 (plus $29.95 shipping)

Choose Cloth Type

All shipping costs are for domestic shipping via UPS ground only. International customers, please contact us for a shipping cost. If you make a purchase here via PayPal as an international customer we will send you a PayPal invoice for the difference between the domestic and international amount.

International shipping is via USPS International Priority Mail. Shipping time to most locations is 5 to 7 days barring any hold up in duties/customs.

Typical international shipping charges are listed below. Please contact us for shipping cost to be sure. Purchase of a Motor Kit will add extra.

Europe - $90
Canada - $60
Australia - $125
New Zealand - $145